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THE Worst Album Covers of All Time
It isn't considered good form to re-blog someone else's entire post but in this case, I will make the exception. I consider it homage to the TASTEBUDS.FM blog. This one - in its entirely - needs to be shared as much as possible! Admittedly, I have already posted some of the examples pictured below, but most of it is *ahem* virgin territory...
Not all album covers are created equal. Some are so incredible that they can’t now be explained by the people who originally conceived of them.
Here we look at 30 of the worst, most strange and downright ridiculous album covers ever made. Let’s kick off with the inimitable charms of Quim Barreiros…
Ken - By Request Only
All my friends are dead
My Pussy Belongs To Daddy
The Handless organist - Truly a Miracle of God
My lips are for blowing
Foster Edwards' Orchestra - What's Next?
Images via 
Personally, I can imagine anything 
topping this superb collection!
Dishonorable Mentions
Image via Feintzebra 
Image via Hip-Hop Universe 
Image via Hip-Hop Universe 
Image via Hip-Hop Universe 
Image via Hip-Hop Universe 
Image via Idolater 
Image via Gossip Rocks 
Image via Steve Carter 
Image via Turntabling 
 Image via UK Mix 
What lies beneath...
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