Friday, September 9, 2011

I enjoy every minute of it.

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A collection by Neal McKenna 

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World Full of Weirdos
Mission Accomplished!
Picture Via We Saw a Chicken 

THIS is!

I thinks it says 'a kilo of beef mince, cheddar cheese and two Spanish onions...'
                                      Picture Via X-Ray Delta One's Photo Stream
Joellen vowed this would be the last booze cruise for her.
To stop herself from screaming, Tillie quickly placed two Bandaids over her mouth!
Now that it had started, Carlotta wasn't so sure 
about this baptism thing...

Cat fight a the not-so-ok corral.

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson
Calvin and Hobbes
Calvin - a/k/a Spaceman Spiff - wreaked havoc at the shopping mall in search of his sidekick, Hobbes.

Jeez, thought Clayton, this is no time for Rita to get the vapors!

¡Jeez, pensamiento Rita, ésta no es ningún tiempo para que Clayton consiga los vapores!
It's okay, Baby, simmer down! 
If you must kill my mother, have the good sense to wait until  after she's changed her Will.
Alfred had a gift. When he needed to, he could make Georgina's bitching sound like a trombone going wha-wha-whah, wha-whah. He called it the Charlie Brown effect.
Roland felt a little out of place in the Bra & Panties Brigade.
Picture Via X-Ray Delta One's Photo Stream

I want to die while asleep like my grandfather,
not screaming in terror 
like the passengers in his car.

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Spoooky Reading

What lies beneath... 

Image Via All Things D
Joe Gillis gets a fish eye's view of Norma Desmond's pool.

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