Wednesday, March 7, 2012

All buffed up and nowhere to go...

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About getting naked...
I do have a certain bias.
Image via Laffin's Photos
Good Morning!
Good Morning
Yes, it's the naked ape!

Image via George Takei 
Image via George Takei 
Image via Mattadore


She Came on the Bus (1969)
directed by Curt Ledger

It’s some scuzzy business, folks.
...and everybody heard!

Aren't they all?

image via Mattadore

The Full Wax!

Image via Laffin's Photos

Elmo was beginning to feel 

just a weeee bit cornered...

Image via Smosh's Photos
Nice rack, there, Mary!
Image via James Can't Jive
Art Class...

Image via Laffin's Photos

Weeeeeeelll, young man, 

what can I do for you?

...And, what will you do for me?

Image via Mattadore

I'm sure it was mutual.

Image via Mattadore

What is the primary advantage of rotarwinged aircraft over fixed-winged aircraft?

 Some things are self evident!

Image via CBCanada

One good bottom deserves another...

Todd Sanfield

More guys who are really proud 

of their nice asses

Hercules at the Palazzo Altemps in Rome


at the Palazzo Altemps in Rome
Image via Mattadore

Pete Kuzak

Pete Kuzak

A/K/A Scott Peters

who is now a landscape designer.
You can probably get him to come over 
sometime to trim your bush.
Image via Mattadore

Don't know who he is 

but does it really matter?

Image via Mattadore

Wow...! ...A nude bar!

No need to look so pissed off, sonny!

You obviously want people to take a squiz!
Image via Mattadore
Big Buff Red Riding Hood
Image via Mattadore
Must be Casual Friday for Wolverine
HOT Damn!
Image via Damn Hot
Image via Hot Damn
Heidi flips the bird.
Image via Mattadore
I've been told that before...
Image via Mattadore

Love in all its flavours.

Image via Internet Debris
Sourced from Between 10 and 5

Image via Damn Hot

Spoooky Reading 

What lies beneath...


Image via Mattadore

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