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How To Jazz Up Your Home Decor

If a house doesn’t really require renovating or if the place is rented but appears boring it can be easily jazzed up with a few ideas we share today. First off, we start at figuring out the color scheme. If it is basic and especially if it’s white or white-based there are tons of possibilities to incorporate brights and patterns to the decor in decorations and accessories. If the color scheme is quite independent the accessories and new decorations should match and contrast it. Try to work with what you have to reduce expenses and time spent.
How To Jazz Up Home Decor

Change Curtains

If the window is a focal point of the room simply changing the curtains to something interesting can spruce up the boring home decor. Add some matching and contrasting bedspreads or throws to the furniture to freshen up the rest of the room.

Bright Cushions

Bright cushions and throw pillows will draw the eyes from the plain and word furniture and might add a nice contrast of old and new to it. Throw pillows can be handmade or the ready ones can be decorated with beads, embroidery, and other decorative things.

Stained Glass 

Stained glassware can easily jazz up the boring decor adding an eye-catching detail to it. Pick colors that accent the existing color scheme. You can block different colors in variously shaped glassware to make up a beautiful collection.
How To Jazz Up Home Decor

Seasonal Decor

Seasonal decor is an easy way to jazz up a habitual home decor. It can be a creative DIY project and the materials can be found outdoors and arranged to fit the interior design of ones’ home.

Statement Pieces

Creative statement pieces like statues and artwork can make great focal points and add elegance and depth to the home decor. This can prompt conversation as well as provide the source of mind food and simple aesthetic pleasure.
How To Jazz Up Home Decor

Creative Lighting

Creative lights from lamps to lanterns and candles can definitely jazz up the home decor as well as different lighting angles and techniques can hide and accentuate the decor elements that you want to hide or highlight.

Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are easy and quick wall upgrade. Especially if the walls are fine the stickers can be applied anywhere in the room to add a fresh jazzy feel to it.

Decorating 101: color wheel, value and balance

Color plays in important role in decorating. It can really express your sense of style, create an atmosphere, and make the design pop. There are some basic things you need to know about color to create a good decor. If you want to learn more about the color or hues learn how to read the color wheel. It is a tool that shows how the hues generate from each other. Red, yellow, and blue are considered to be the primary colors, which can be mixed in order to produce other colors and hues. Such colors as purple and green come from the mixture of red and blue and yellow and blue accordingly.
Decorating 101: color wheel, value and balance
Colours and hues can be complementary or analogous. Complementary colors are shown opposite to each other on the color wheel and analogous hues are located near each other and are generated from the same hue.
Triads are the three colors located equally on the color wheel and work greatly together if balanced right. The formula where one color is dominant and the other two are supplementary works well.
The colors can also be described as warm and cool. The color wheel is divided in half from red to green – warm colors, the rest are cool colors. Warm colors are lively and vivid, advancing. Cool colors are receding and are great for visually enhancing the small places.
If you chose a cool color scheme for your design it doesn’t mean you should stick only with cool colors. A small pop of cool color in the warm color scheme or otherwise will complete and perk your design.
Some colors have both advancing and receding effects such green and purple, so they can sometimes play a part of neutrals in the design.
Colors have value. The colors can light or dark. Lighter values of colors are called tints, which are extensively used indecorating, and darker values are called shades or tones. Those tints and tones are not usually called just green or red, but rather bear more enhanced names as grass green, for example.
Balance of colors is good. Light values can be balanced with neutrals or medium values, however such color schemes can become plain and boring pretty quick. Here come the accents. Accents help bring in a stylish touch to the whole design. For instance, a color scheme of light pink and cream white the pop of hot pink or red will brighten up the view.
The intensity of the color will identify the mood of the room. If it’s bright and highly intense, it will bring more energy to the room and atmosphere, muted colors, on the other hand, create a calm atmosphere. While you might want to choose high or low intensity color schemes while decorating certain rooms, balance is always a good and safe thing.
Choose one dominant high-intensity color in your color scheme and pair it with a muted, low-intensity color. Play with color combination, look at the samples and carry them home to choose the best working and balanced scheme for your design.

Windows are an important part of the interior. They not only let the natural light and views in but they also make great room focal points. If the window is a focal point in the room re-decorating it can give a room a whole new look. From curtains to frames and glass the window treatment will not go unnoticed.


Cool Window Treatments
Big windows can use curtains to provide some privacy when needed. The bigger windows require more fabric so it is very important to choose the color and texture that will fit into the existing home decor while add some special appeal to it. The curtains can be trimmed, draped and decorated in a whole variety of ways and it depends on the style of the home decor. For more traditional decor more decorations can be used while the modern minimalist design can be jazzed up with some funky curtains.

Stained Glass

Cool Window Treatments
Stained glass can provide so many decor opportunities. From simply colored glass to drawing and whole paintings stained glass can make a great impact when it comes to windows treatment. Of course, the more intense the color the less light and views come in but on the other hand stained glass doesn’t require shutters and curtains to provide privacy.

Windowsill Decor

Cool Window Treatments
Windowsill can also be decorated to make a change in the focal point. Flower pots, vases, and seasonal decorations can add charm to the window. The windowsill can also be replaced by the window seating with decorative throw pillows and cushions.

Trim Work Around Windows

Cool Window Treatments
Trim work is another great way to decorate the windows. If the windows are big and reach the ceiling the trim work can add a nice touch to them especially if the frames are sleek and simple. The faux columns at the windows can add some grandness to the decor.   

Wall Decoration: How to Hang Artwork

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