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Black Tuesday, November 22, 2011, 

a BAD DAY for South Africa!!

Comic Strips...

The gay agenda at work.


Rex Morgan, M.D.
Intended Appeal:
No one's figured this one out yet.
Actual Appeal: GAY innuendo.

Rex Morgan is one of the "soaps," meaning it was a strip with a continuing storyline that wasn't necessarily supposed to be funny. Why it would be exciting to follow the adventures of a somewhat lethargic doctor who doesn't want to do anything exciting and usually gets his wish, no one is quite clear on.
However, what it lacks in cliffhangers and plot twists, it makes up for in nonstop hints about Rex's sexual orientation. Sure, everyone knows that if you're immature enough, you can read gay innuendos into just about anything. No effort is needed, here, in this storyline with a "Dr. Troy."
More disturbingly, Rex has recently moved on to younger prey, with a boy named Niki. Niki is a poverty-stricken youth who came to the Morgans' attention after stealing Mrs. Morgan's purse, after which they naturally adopted him as a little brother.
You might wonder why we're so sure about Rex's preferences. Why couldn't he be bisexual? Well, that would mean he would have to be attracted to women, too. The evidence just doesn't bear that out.
...To be continued.   Via

Don't think that's gonna be 

much of a problem.

Image via The Retro/Vintage Scan Emporium 


wild sex

Shower Room Role Play

Image via Tumblr 

Image via Suffering Fools Badly

School PSAs...
Homosexual Men 
are Bloodthirsty Predators

As Learned From:
"Boys Beware", a chronicle of the various ways gay men of 1961 stalked their young prey, courtesy of Sid Davis. The narrator warns that "the homosexual" can be anywhere, and he just isn't happy unless he's sodomizing a naive teenager.
This film helps those young, tender, blond boys recognize the dangers of the mentally ill homosexual, and points out some warning signs. Is the man being a little too friendly? Offering gifts? Playing basketball with you? Then he's almost definitely planning to dump your corpse on the pile of dead teenage rape victims in his back yard.
The film was commissioned by the Inglewood Police Department--which says a lot about Southern California cops of the early 60s--and shown to pubescent boys in classrooms across the country.

Strangely, in addition to all of the scenes of homosexuals snatching innocent young boys off the corner, our narrator implies that simply being the victim of "the homosexual" can get you in legal trouble yourself:
"Finally, Jimmy told his parents, and they reported it to the juvenile authorities. Ralph was arrested. And Jimmy was released on probation in the custody of his parents."

Sure, he got off with probation. But if Jimmy continues getting molested against his will, some hard jail time will apparently be the only recourse. What better way to break a young boy of his getting-mollested habit than sending him to prison?

Coming to a theatre 

near you!

The Horny Bunch Movie

Looks like Alice found herself 

a whole new family!

Image via Bearotic

Action on Gay Beach

Retro Funny 50S Gay Beach - retro-50s, funny-retro-50s, 50s-gay, retro-gay
Image via Pimp My Space

*˙·Sex Bomb

Dylan Yeandle - Sex Bomb - Australia’s Got Talent
Image via Boys in Pixels

Methinks the gentleman 

doth protest too much.

Image via Something Awful
Image via Something Awful
Image via Something Awful

Unintentionally Gay

Image Via Gallery of the Absurd

Frisky Daddy Airmen...

...Terrorize Naked Twink. 

Join the Navy... 

Image Via x-ray delta one

...Go down for seamen.

Image Via x-ray delta one

No extra skin on his wiener!

You can hang out with all the boys... down at the Y-M-C-A...

Image Via x-ray delta one

Elouise was ready for action...


...but Lance had a few reservations.

Image Via x-ray delta one

Generational Lust... a Canadian city.

Image via Retrospace

Jake's Prince of Persia...

Hmmmm, shouldn't he be a bit hairier? He's supposed to be Persian after all. This is going to be the most unintentionally gay movie since 300. But the fact that the studio keeps leaking photos of a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal, might mean they're actually trying to attract the gay audience. Again, it didn't hurt 300's box office.
Via Take it Like a Man

Love is Easy  well, it is 

with the right lube.

Batman is in no way homoerotic! 

...Mmmmm, yeah, sure.

Via pippaalice

The 1 megaton dildo.

Okay, it's really a 1961 Atlas nuclear warhead.

And it's guaranteed to deliver a big bang.

Image Via x-ray delta one

Air Canada: 

Soaring gayly forward... 

Almost as good as flying united.

Image Via x-ray delta one

Image Via x-ray delta one

Bruce was feeling especially 

butch that day.

Almost touching...

Image via Hot Tight Buns

Eddie Williams

Let's hope he's not frying meat in lard!

Image via Mattadore 

Rare photo of Jude Law 

as a young girl.

Via Grindlebone
What a difference a strategically placed price tag can make...

This test is bullshit!

This test, of course, is bullshit!

Via Fuzzy Dave


Camel Toe!!
Image via Mr. Peenee

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Spooooky Reading...

It's not too early to think about Christmas gifting.

What lies beneath...

The Droll Quotes of Oscar Wilde

There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.

A man can't be too careful 

in the choice of his enemies.

A cynic is a person who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

I can resist everything except temptation.

I think God, in creating man, 

somewhat overestimated his ability.

The only way to get rid of a temptation 
is to yield to it.

Moderation is a fatal thing... 

Nothing succeeds like excess.

I am not young enough 

to know everything.

Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong.

Experience is the name everyone gives 
to his mistakes. 

(from Lady Windermere’s Fan)

But, I'd rather be sailing...

...with him!

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