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Great TV Ad Campaigns

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Great TV Ad Campaigns

Eaton's Aubergine

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EATON'S Downtown Winnipeg store 

1905 - 1999 

With nearly 900,000 square feet, Winnipeg's Eaton's store was the second largest in the company chain, the largest being in Toronto. This and the Toronto store were the only ones still in existence until its insolvency. Comprising 895,000 square feet, the Winnipeg store was the second largest Eaton's outlet in Canada and was opened personally by company founder, Timothy Eaton, in 1905.
In the late 1990s, Canada's Eaton's Department stores were on their last legs, unable to compete with low end Walmart, medium-range Sears  or the high end Hudson's Bay Company (The Bay). In a last ditch effort to save the 130-year-old company from bankruptcy, some innovative  and expensive  advertising was commissioned. 
Heavily influenced by the movie "The Hudsucker Proxy," ad executives came up with a spectacular TV campaign called "Aubergine." To start, there was a four-and-a-half minute ad extravaganza splashed across all three Canadian national television networks. The story line mirrored Eaton's own situation  a department store chain in trouble. 
Alas, in the end,  it was all for naught and the Timothy Eaton Company faded into history when the last Eaton's store closed its doors on February 26, 2002.  

The Hudsucker Proxy

Cell C South Africa

Optus Cell – Australia

Hyundai – France

3 Euro Commercials

Nando's Chicken – SA

"The Last Dictator Standing

Nando's Chicken – SA

"Ours is bigger..."

Nando's Chicken – SA

"More Change..."

Nando's Chicken – SA

"No fries..."

Wienerschnitzel – USA

Orangina – France 

Centraal Beheer Insurance 

– Netherlands

 Viagra – USA

Vigorin – USA

Nolan's Cheddar Cheese – USA

Madison Avenue Classics

Jeno's Pizza 1966

Do you think Angelina Jolie 

might have been cloned from this babe?

Pepsi Cola 1961 

Introducing the 1958 Edsel

Okay, this isn't advertising greatness 

but it's the beginning of a murder story. 

To be continued...

Christmas Angel

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Image via George Takei
Image via George Takei

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Jingle bells…
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