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Calvin and Hobbes vs. Dr. Robin and Pooh

It was a chance meeting, really. Calvin and his tiger pal were wandering in the forest when they found themselves face to face with Christopher Robin and his bear, Pooh. The two boys started a battle of one-upmanship over whose imaginary buddy was better, creating a rift between two boys who could have been friends. 

Shortly after, the Hundred Acre Wood burned to the ground and Christopher Robin was sent away to a boarding school as punishment. However, witnesses say a mysterious boy in a striped shirt was seen leaving the woods that day, too.

Years later, the two boys have grown into men, and have brought their stuffed with fluff friends into adulthood. Calv became a secret agent, using his ability to take on the personality of any character he needs – from a Spaceman Spiff to a Tyrannosaurs Rex – to complete the mission. Hobbes is his partner, there to take on whatever threats are at-hand. 
Dr. Robin, however, used his imagination for nefarious purposes, creating spy technologies that are available to the highest bidder. Pooh and the rest of the gang are now integrated into Robin’s personality, their individual characteristics shining through when Robin needs them most.

Their childhood battle continues, 
only now it’s on a global scale…
Text and images via Geeks are Sexy

Ummm... What's wrong with this picture?

Image via I Love to Laugh
Image via I Love to Laugh
Image via I Love to Laugh
Image via I Love to Laugh
Image via I Love to Laugh

We're sure Gary sold a ton of albums.

Gary... That's spelled Gay-A-R-Y.

Image via I Love to Laugh
Image via I Love to Laugh
Image via I Love to Laugh

Image via CTCanada
Image via George Takei
Image via George Takei
Image via I Love to Laugh

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