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OH! Mercy!!

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Body Language...

A good watch but not a laugh riot.

Director/Performer – Gaëtan Schmid          
Reviewer – Neal McKenna
I wish my Sociology professor would have had Gaëtan Schmid’s style of delivery. That would have saved scores of hours of class time teetering on the edge of catatonia. Body Language is a fun and informative hour of edutainment.
In his very own peculiar way, Schmid tackles of subject body language with a little help from Desmond Morris. This is fascinating stuff because the body always tells the truth even when you don’t want it to. Your body talks and talks and talks and talks – and it just won’t shut up! A flush of red in the cheeks, blinks and twitches broadcast your true feelings while your mouth is most likely saying something quite different. Non-verbal communication consists of body posture, gestures, micro facial expressions, as well as eye movements. And, it seems we humans send and interpret these signals almost entirely subconsciously.
According to the experts, human communication consists of 93 percent body language and paralinguistic cues, while only 7% of communication consists of actual words. These experts also say between 60 and 70 percent of all meaning is derived from nonverbal behaviour. Body language provides crucial clues about the attitude or state of mind of a person. It can indicate a relaxed state, aggression, attentiveness, boredom, amusement, pleasure and even intoxication. That’s a whole lot said without ever uttering a word!
So, anthropologically, sociologically, biologically, psychologically, neurologically and not so logically; Schmid analyses the origins of our everyday gestures. Aside from being intellectual and stimulating subject matter, audiences who attend a performance of Body Language may also pick up a trick or two on how to “read” others – a boss, a spouse or even that ‘fascinating’ person sitting on the bar stool next to you!
Beneath its irreverent and comedic narrative, Body Language delivers a social message of ever increasing importance – the value of open, honest human interaction and communication. The show is most definitely relevant, interesting, quite clever and yes, funny. However, it is not knee-slapping comedy as Cape Town reviewers have described it. To be entirely frank, it is not a rollicking tour de force or a ‘laugh a minute’ roller coaster ride.
Is Body Language worth seeing? Absolutely! Like I said at the beginning of this review, it’s a fun and informative hour of edutainment. You’ll leave the theatre with a lot more knowledge about human nature than when you entered it. And, you’re more likely to remember what you’ve learned because it was delivered with lots of energy and humour. Think of it as a lecture with some really good laughs – and that’s a good thing.

Body Language plays at the Old Mutual Theatre onthe Square in Sandton, Johannesburg through February 4th.

In the time 

before butch...

Ach du lieber! 

Get a load of his lederhosen!

Apollo's boots 

were made for struttin'.

Love the manly pose.

Image via Mattadore

Gay Aerobics I


Holy crap, Spock! Sulu IS gay!!

Yes, I know, Captain... 

Now get your hand off my ass!

Image via MP3Car

Batman and Robin act differently in Italy.

That same evening, Batman and Robin left wearing the clothes of two transvestites.
Robin says: "I didn't amuse myself like this when I was in college."
wtf photos videos - Looking Good!
Image via Tack-O-Rama

From the time he was a little boy, 

all Oscar Mayer could think about 

was wieners.

Image via Tack-O-Rama

Gay Aerobics II

This scene from Step-Brothers has the distinction of being the only movie moment (to date) that’s made me scream out loud.

This scene from Step-Brothers has the distinction of being the only movie 

moment (to date) that’s made me 

shriek out loud.

Image via Tack-O-Rama

Been there, and stayed to redecorate...

Image & Caption via Suffering Fools Badly

LOVE the bathing suit ensembles! 

LOVE the mermaid's whole look! 

But am I the only one assuming this poor fishy was caught at the beach on Fire Island? 

These guys look as gay as sleigh bells.

Image & caption via Suffering Fools Badly

Gay Aerobics III


Remember girls, for white water rafting or jungle travel a jeweled thong with matching cuffs is absolutely de rigueur!

Oh Mercy!


Gay Aerobics IV

Image via Popper Font

What lies beneath...

This News Just In! 

Former Italian cruise ship captain, 

Francesco Schettino, 

began his new job as a school bus driver yesterday…

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