Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Too Good Not To Share...

Styles for Boys 
...boys who can expect to get beaten up 
every day after school!

First the underwear goes missing, then the suspicions start.
She obviously hates him.
She knows where you live!!
I’m not entirely convinced she wasn’t!
In times past, discreetly bugging a room could be tricky.
They were head over heels for each other...
Not that there’s anything wrong with that sort of thing.
Shuuure, he did!
Jack Daniels!
I recognise the words but I still don’t understand...
Moments before the trip to the ER.
The scientific explanation.
That’ll be 79¢. Shall I carry the box to your car?

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I was drawn to the guy, so I kissed him. - No bull!!

Three day's growth and ice blue eyes. ...Sigh.
Franco Nero, where are you?

Seems like Dorothy Malone had worse luck than Liza Minnelli!
Dorothy Malone and Tab Hunter in Battle Cry (1955, Warner Bros.)

Dorothy Malone and Rock Hudson in The Tarnished Angels (1958, Universal)

Dorothy Malone and Liberace in Sincerely Yours (1955, Warner Bros.)
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