Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting in the spirit...

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Behind the scenes on The Walking Dead set.

Image via Darkamelot
Image via Darkamelot
Casper The Friendly Ghost
Image Via Moth Girl 
Image via Darkamelot

ok so I was watching the original Addams family and it occurs to me…Morticia Addams is a babe. I would wear a pinstripe suit for her any day.

OK, so I was watching the original Addams family 

and it occurs to me… Carolyn Jones' Morticia is a babe. 

I would wear a pinstripe suit for her any day.

Caption & Image via Howl at the Moon
Image via Darkamelot
Image Via Miss Ohio
Young Frankenstein - Madeline Kahn as the bride

Sweet Mystery of Life at Last I've Found You

Image via Sly Macaroni

More from Young Frankenstein

Although Harry had been a ghost for over five years, he still went to work every day.

Image Via Tack-O-Rama

...Which was a good thing. 

He had a family to support.

Image Via Tack-O-Rama

Image via Darkmelot

Image via Darkamelot 

I Like cats too!
Let's exchange recipes.                           

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I want to die in my sleep 
like my grandfather; not screaming in terror like the passengers 
in his car...                                 

Only 13 days left until Halloween!

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Spoooky Reading

What lies beneath...

We have elected 

not to attend.

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Sooner or later... 

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...they will find you.

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