Thursday, October 13, 2011

What were these people thinking???

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Good GAWD!

What were these people thinking???
Imagine getting the inspiration for the bridesmaid's dresses from the old curtains in Grandma's basement bedroom!

Kinky Family Photos

I just don't want to know what's going on here...
Or here.
Or here!
And definitely NOT here!
My question is: why involve the cat?
Again, I reiterate.
Products of in-breeding.
Yet Again.
Bad Hair Day I
(And #2 from the right knows somebody farted. 
From the look of Nirvana on his face, my guess is it was #3)
Bad Hair Day II
Keeners - especially #2 & #4 from the right.
And the macho one on the far left is really workin' it.
More keeners - especially the levitater.
Lapse in judgement 1.
Lapse in judgement 2.
Lapse in judgement 3. That baby doesn't stand a chance.
Lapse in judgement 4.
Obviously a Catholic family.
I still don't understand why they made 
the little girl take off her shirt.
Let's not talk about this one and say we did.
Sadly, there wasn't enough tablecloth 
to make anything for Dad but a tie.
(submitted by Janet)
“This photo was taken in February 1969, after my brother fell off a dock when the lake we lived on was drained & he landed face first on a rock. I think this picture was a day or two after, I threw a wooden clog at him because I was a brat & split his face open even more. What a satisfied look on my face!” 
Image Series Via Awkward Family Photos

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Image Via Awkward Family Photos

Only 18 days until Hallowe’en!

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