Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A day in the life...

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Anytime you think the game of life has dealt you a bad hand, just consider other people around you. True, some will have it a whole lot better than you do. But it's damn likely there's a whole lot more who have it worse! Have a lookie-loo here...

No doubt about it, this hadn't been 
one of Charlie's better days.
Image Via Interzone
The same could be said for Sylvia.
Image Via Gnar War
i wonder what sound this made, and what sound he made
WoW... Bet he won't have the guts 
to do that again! 
Image Via Gnar War
Image Via Darkamelot
Basil Rathbone and Tyrone Power - The Mark of Zorro
Nope, no sexual tension here...
Image Via Mattadore

A word to the wise for Ben Dover.

Image Via Tampax Superstar

Ooooh! Just way too butch.
Image Via Gnar War

'Nuffin needs t'be said at all.
Gif Via Darkamelot

Image Via Darkamelot

Image Via Darkamelot

Images Via Darkamelot

Image Via Darkamelot

Image Via Darkamelot

It was only a minor electrical fault.

Image Via Tack-O-Rama

Have a nice day.

Image Via Stress Balls UK

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Spoooky Reading 

What lies beneath...

I truly believe it WAS 

this guy's lucky day!

Image via Darkamelot 

I'm a schizophrenic 
and so am I!

Only 19 days until Hallowe’en!

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