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Cheezy Christmas Photos

Image via Blue Ruins

Merry Christmas!

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Image via George Takei

Some families truly don’t realise the cheesiness or creepiness they are creating when they decide to snap a few family Christmas pictures. This collection brings you the most bizarre and downright scary holiday photos we could dig up.

Airmail Express was faster and cheaper than going Greyhound.
Words simply fail me.
Sadly, they would be cut down 
before their prime...

Daddy was still too sleepy 
to bother with his jammies.

Little Reggie was a lot better hung 
than his gay dad.

Santa and the Five Goths

There was a big sale at the doilies shop.

Charlies Angels meets Star Wars with an extra geek thrown in for good measure.

Little Stephanie wanted a Christmas wedding. Her brother wanted to be a celebrity yogi

It was really difficult not to tell Marcia her baby was really quite singularly UGLY!

Little Mister Higgins was truly 
embarrassed by this photo.

Danger! Giant Penis! - Yeah, right.

Yeeee-haw! There was a 2-4-1 sale down 
at the dry goods store.

The Mertz's were at a loss about what to do for their family Christmas photo. 
So they did nothing.

Merry S n M Christmas, y'all.

This is the Kringle family on drugs.

Yes, they did see these outfits 
hangin' in the winduh.

Stu, the sturgeon, was not impressed 
with being included 
in the family Christmas photo.

Little did these kids know Santa was 
in league with The Killer Klown!

Shortly thereafter, little Clark Kent 
learned how to fly.

Dad was a nudist. 
The the rest of the family was not.

It was time for the annual sacrifice 
to the Christmas Tree God

Again Grandma and Grandpa babysat the grandkids while their loutish sons made out with some ho's they'd just picked up.

The schlabotz family thought they'd make things easier for Santa by lubing the chimney with K-Y.

Flannel by the bolt was 
just the thing that Christmas.

Season's Greetings from the Bat Cave.

The Flannel Gown Girls swooped in 
for a photo op. 

Wishing y'all a paramilitary Christmas. 

Santa peeks in on a demonic child...

Grandma had just arrived from Mars as this pic was snapped.

We wish you a sleepy Christmas from the bottom of our hearts...

Thank-yuh, Sanna, thank-yuh very much...

Eight kids! Santa-Barney was boggled.

Prancer was not amused. 
...Neither was the reindeer.

In 1771, Christmas was not unlike 
the holiday we celebrate today...

The tree skirt was exceptionally large and there was ample material to make something for everyone... even Sparky.

Why? Why would anyone let this 
get caught on camera?

All was well on Candy Cane Lane.

The fuzzy gray blob was about to devour the Gingham Gang...

Frosty always enjoyed his time 
with the Muscle Mary wannabees

The cats were pissed! 
They knew these fakes weren't Santa and they knew they weren't elves...

Nothing says Merry Christmas like an AK47!

Santa was just about ready 
to dump this lazy little shit.

Bucky couldn't stand all this cuteness...

Everybody loved the Christmas swim meet.

Joey always got a hard-on for Santa.

Estefan tried to look nonchalant 
as he packaged-up little Luciano 
for the long trip north.

The experiment was to create a classic winter motif with just some foil 
and cardboard cartons. 
It didn't work out that way.

Lance tried to look more butch 
for this year's X-mas photo.
Sadly his efforts were doomed to blight.

Even though it was a couple of years after the fact, Elin still wanted to brain Tiger.
Image series via Izismile
I really don't know 
what this is all about...

Image via I Love to Laugh

Image via George Takei

Christmas Angel

Image via Jaunted 

Image via George Takei
Image via George Takei

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

Jingle bells
Jingle bells…
Image via Retrogasm

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