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Not the Ghosts of Christmas - Just Ghosts!

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The Ghost of Christmas Past

rumours christmas carol

Image via The Guardian UK

Not the Ghosts of Christmas - Just Ghosts!

British gran struggles to sleep 

because of groping ghost

A POLTERGEIST that haunts a Herne Bay flat is upsetting granny Doris Birch, she claims. The 73-year-old former nursing home assistant says she can no longer sleep at night as she struggles to fight off the groping ghost.
Spooky Goings-On at Margaret Court, Herne Bay 
She said: "It's like an octopus. It started four months ago. I was lying in bed when I felt this creepy pair of hands.
"I kicked frantically and it went away. Next time it came I hurled the duvet on to the floor!
"But the ghost keeps coming back. I've tried sleeping without the duvet. But it started shaking my mattress.
"I even threw the mattress off the bed and bought a new one but it has made no difference.
"I told my 16-year-old granddaughter and she was gobsmacked. She said I must be joking.
"People are going to think I am mad but it is as real as the day to me. I'm not lonely. I love living alone.
"But this is very creepy and is giving me the jitters. It's harassing me. I need to call in the Ghostbusters.
"I told the vicar and he said it is a lost spirit. What I want to know is, why has it got lost in my flat?"
But help is at hand thanks to the Herne Bay Times.
We contacted husband-and-wife ghost-hunters Ray and Beryl Herne from Central Parade to send the poltergeist packing.
Spirit medium Ray, a 52-year-old lorry driver, says he can draw the gross ghost into him while Beryl, 59, will envelope it in a "vortex of light" and send it to the "other side."
Beryl said: "Sometimes spirits need to be here. There is usually a reason. Sometimes it's family. Sometimes we have to alleviate some stress."
Methodist Minister Hugh-Nigel Sheehan, 68, of Mortimer Street's United Church, said: "I was approached by Mrs Birch but I fear I am not in a position to help. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
"I have no expertise in this at all. I am neither a trained counsellor nor from a church with a tradition of exorcism such as the Catholic Church. It is very difficult to know how to respond."
Poltergeists are said to be mischievous spirits that make loud noises and move objects.

Terror of family who claim their five-year old son is haunted by the 'man with grey skin'

'Ghost' seen shuffling furniture in boy's bedroom...

'Boy can't sleep because a man with grey skin comes and sits on his bed and keeps him awake talking to him...'

Visitors say they have also spotted the face of a man on wall of a different room of the three-storey home...

A father has told how his five-year-old son claims he has been troubled by visions of a ghostly man with grey skin who speaks to him in the night

Dave Gerrity, 41, said his son Dagan first complained about seeing something in his bedroom in the family's Bridlington home around six months ago.
Mr Gerrity said: 'Dagan is scared about it. He cries about it. He's told us that at night he can't sleep because a man with grey skin comes and sits on his bed and keeps him awake talking to him.
Can you see a face? Five-year-old Dagan is troubled by visions of a 'man with grey skin' whose face who he says can be seen on the wall of his parents home behind himCan you see a face? Dagan, five, is troubled by visions of a 'man with grey skin' whose face who he says can be seen on a wall of his parents home (behind him in this photograph)
Scared: Dagan with his plasterer father, Dave. He said: 'At first I thought it was just his imagination, or he had had a bad dream'Scared: Dagan with his plasterer father, Dave. He said: 'At first I thought it was just his imagination, or he had a bad dream'
'The first time it happened, Dagan's mum Emma and I heard him crying on the baby monitor. I went up to him and he was just crying his eyes out.

'At first I thought it was just his imagination, or he had had a bad dream.
'Of course you never expect this kind of thing to be true, I've never believed in this kind of thing before. But there's no denying it now.
'There have been times when we've been in the room with him and we see him looking up into the corner of the room and speaking.'
'It's a shame because we've just done up the house, but it's even creepy for me. I'm a bit scared to be downstairs in the dining room by myself'                                                    BOY'S FATHER
Mr Gerrity also told how the 'ghost' was seen shuffling furniture in his son's bedroom.

He added: 'We have a double bed in the room which is balanced on its side, and there's a blue plastic table on top of it.
'Dagan told me that in the night, the table was picked up and moved by itself.
'This table is much too high for him to reach himself. I've put him to bed when the table has been on top of the bed, then come back in the morning to find it moved.
Mr Gerrity told how guests to his home say they have also spotted the face of a man on the walls on the dining room of their three-storey house after it was re-plastered.
'The wall was completely stripped back before it was plastered and there was nothing on it, no pattern.
'But when the plaster was drying, we could see a face start to appear. Now there is a 6ft by 6ft face of a man on the wall. 
'People come round to our house and see it straight away  you can't miss it. It spooks everybody out.

'I've been plastering for 24 years and never seen anything like this before." 
The family's next-door neighbours, on the other side of the re-plastered wall, say they have also experienced paranormal activity.
Mr Gerrity said: 'I've been in my house and heard banging coming from the top floor next door.
'I know they've been doing some refurbishment so I expected it was workmen, as I could hear sawing and chatter.
'But then, my next door neighbour came round and said "Dave, please come round and look upstairs, I can hear noises and there's no-one else in."
'I've gone to look for myself and she's right  there's no-one up there.

'The whole thing has got us really spooked. My wife wants to move, she doesn't want to stay in the house anymore.
'It's a shame because we've just done up the house, but it's even creepy for me. I'm a bit scared to be downstairs in the dining room by myself.
'I think that all the work that's been going on  both next door and in our house  has disturbed a spirit.'

UFOs and the paranormal 

with Malcolm Robinson: 

Ghosts are not always what they seem

In my last article I mentioned that ghosts and not as cut and dried and plain and simple as you might think, there are many variations to a ghost, I’d like to continue with this so let’s look at some other explanations that may explain ‘some’ ghostly sightings.


At the end of the day anyone who researches the subject of ghosts should not believe that all ghostly sightings and experiences can be put down to the paranormal, far from it, most can be easily explained away. One of the things that is a strong candidate to explain ‘some’ ghostly encounters is something called hypnagogia.

It’s a state between asleep and waking up from sleep. Scientific study of this subject more or less began in the 19th century. Basically during this type of sleep many people have experienced visions and hallucinations which they sometimes find hard to distinguish from reality! Having said that, the hypnagogia imagery is different from the dream state in so far as the imagery from hypnagogia is very bland and plain. However what is notably different is the auditory aspect of hypnagogia. Crashes, bangs, and rappings are features of this state as is the hearing of that person’s name being called (which is a common feature of the ghost experience).

Sleep paralysis is slightly different to hypnagogia in the sense that it’s slightly like tinnitus. The individual will hear buzzing roaring and hissing sounds, however other individuals may experience more traumatic effects like a feeling of being crushed, they’ll get electric tingles all over their body and feel that there is someone else within the room with them.

Feelings of floating and being out of one’s body can also be an effect of hypnagogia and to some degree sleep paralysis although with sleep paralysis one does not have control of one’s own body for a period of time. Perhaps in these states some people have been misled into thinking that they have witnessed a ghost when in point of fact it’s all been down to a medical condition.


I mentioned in my previous article about Stone Tape Ghosts. Basically what this means is that sometimes in some locations, ghosts are seen doing the same things time and time again, it’s as if they are on some kind of a video replay, a recording if you like.
Some researchers have felt that perhaps in some of those very old houses where a tragic or horrible death or murder has occurred, the scene of this tragedy is someone impregnated into the very fabric of the stones that make up the building, a fanciful theory for sure, but one which does perhaps have some substance, take for instance the Kenfig pub case.
Back in 1982, a pub in the small town of Kenfig Mid-Glamorgan (The Prince of Wales) started to have bouts of paranormal occurrences from the sound of an organ being played at night (no organ was in the pub) to sounds of merriment, the clinking of glasses and loud talking in an old Welsh dialect. Anyway, two people got to hear about this, John Marke an electrical engineer and Allan Jenkins an industrial chemist and what they decided to do was something which may well have never been tried before and that was to connect some electrodes into the stones of the pub after closing time one night.
These electrodes (which has been stated were around 20,000 volts) were fed into some audio tape recorders, the room was then re-locked and everyone went home. The following day upon playing play on their audio recorders, they were astonished to hear the sound of organ music, they heard a clock ticking (there was no clock in that room) but more amazingly they distinctly heard the sound of people speaking in an old Welsh dialect.
So what these researchers felt was happening, was that the very fabric of these old stones somehow had managed to store sounds like a magnetic video tape, of yesteryear and for some reason (unbeknown to us at present) somehow managed to impregnate themselves onto their audio tape. Now I have actually listened to this tape and heard these sounds myself and believe you me they are indeed astonishing (if we believe that this was indeed a ‘controlled experiment’) Now whilst the theory is fine in principle, it does beg the question how can the sounds be heard but the ghosts not seen!
It’s more the sounds that have been heard in this pub than actual ghosts themselves. Why on some occasions do we only see the ghost and NOT THEIR SURROUNDINGS?
Think about it. It’s like recording a programme on video tape from the television you’ll get everything, the people, the furniture and all the surroundings you don’t just get the person as you do in ghostly visions. So again we have a function of ghostly apparitions that seem to ask the question.
Dr Melvyn Willin who has a doctorate in Parapsychology and who himself has researcher ghostly tales said a few years ago that some technicians at the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop (which is no longer in use) stated that the sounds that were heard on the audio tape from the Prince of Wales pub were maybe caused by the presence nearby of a large transformer?
Then we have another theory which might explain ghosts and that is that perhaps due to the movements of the Earth’s Crust, bursts of electro-magnetic energy may at certain points on a fault line may affect ‘certain people’s perception’ In other words, could this form of electro magnetism affect our brain’s, make us see things that are not there?
The Stone Tape Theory is an interesting one that the very fabric that surrounds us may, in some instances, be replayed back to us like some massive video machine where we can see events and people from yesteryear.
In a sense we can liken the ‘Stone Tape Theory’ to this. Have you ever walked into a room where only moments before a couple have been arguing? You might not know that they have been arguing but there is something in the room, an energy that you can almost feel and taste.
This is what’s known as Cumulative Energy. So if for instance you had walked into a room that had been the scene of intense tragedy maybe even murder, its like the very fabric of that room has ‘soaked up’ those horrible images and energies and, under certain conditions, or, to certain people, can replay those energies back to you.
Not all people of course can ‘sense this energy’ normally it goes unseen or un felt, but as I say under certain conditions and to certain people these energies unleash themselves and provide a rich tapestry of emotion, pain and visual stimuli which can in some cases prove very distressing.
In my next article, I’ll be looking at other possibilities on what could fool people into thinking that they’ve seen a ghost. Until then, sleep well.

By Malcolm Robinson via The Eastbourne Herald

Holly Golightly's 

Image via Daisy Aver 

Breakfast at Tiffany's House 

For Sale

Photo: Michael Weinstein/NYT
After 11 years under the thumb of a former Merrill Lynch broker who was docked for insider trading, the Manhattan townhouse made famous by the iconic Audrey Hepburn flick Breakfast at Tiffany's has again come up for sale.Listed for $5.85M, the 15-foot-wide Upper East Side house served as the backdrop for the exterior shots, but, disappointingly, it seems most of the interiors were shot on a sound stage. That would explain why Mr. Yunioshi's top-floor artist's atelier is nowhere to be found on the floor plan! Check out the listing photos and floor plan, courtesy of Curbed NY, after the jump.

169 East 71st Street           
Text & Images via Curbed.Com

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