Thursday, July 21, 2011

In A Jam...

'Nuff said.
Matilda found Jack down on the docks - and the bit of fluff 
he had with him came as no surprise.
Sam couldn't shake the nagging feeling 
that something was amiss.
Ed quickly realized it wasn't just gas.

...Then it's another.
Picture Via X-Ray Delta One's Photo Stream
Marcia's biggest regret was having 
to leave her new Plymouth behind.
Picture Via X-Ray Delta One's Photo Stream

I wonder if this is a good time to tell Mr. Grabbol my real is Bernie and not Bernice?
Flying naked sometimes can be problematic.
Well, shh-eee-it!
Bruce was terrified. Everyone on the train had grey skin. 
And it was obviously contagious!
I'd really love to spend more time with you Harry. But just in case you hadn't noticed, the boat is sinking and I'm absolutely no good with knots.
Picture Via Bookworm
It was now up to Natasha, Alexi and Bjorn. For a brief moment, she wondered how the hell a Swede was with them on a Soviet space mission!
Somehow, Adelaide felt this wasn't merely 
the latest thing in airport security...
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A good pistol-whipping before a fight always made Clyde perform better.
This was the last time Archibald would buy
any clothes made of cheese cloth!

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Boy and girls interrupted.
Picture Via X-Ray Delta One's Photo Stream

Dammit! Why did Sheila always want fresh King Crabs?
Picture Via Grottu Orloff's Pad

The only thing Daisy could think was: "it wudda been worse to have 'em caught in a wringer.
The others had been fully zombified but Delbert stood in the back and clung to his senses by reminding himself how stupid these uniforms looked.
Seems like today was a bad day for everybody.

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What horror lies beneath today..?

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

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