Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reliving the good ole daze...

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Now let's blast back to an absurdist past.

When I need a little pick-me-up, I take some of this new drink. 
I do so prefer cocaine to laudanum.
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Nozario, the mad magician, was using Cleah as a human shield but surely the Masked Fop would save her. 
Gladys had dealt with goons like this before. 
A splash of boiling grease in the face always tended to readjust their attitudes.
Won't Clive be surprised when he wakes up!
Okay now, Mr. Schlabots, this may sting just a little.
Zeb was more than a little freaked. Where were these damn wormy things coming from? And who the hell were those bozos chasing him?
"C'mon, guys," Sheldon cried plaintively. "I wanna play too!"
Pictures Via X-Ray Delta One's Photo Stream

All Delbert could think was: 'what would Wonder Woman 
do in a situation like this?'
Picture Via X-Ray Delta One's Photo Stream

Renard was feeling a bit queasy. 
Perhaps that ham should have been cooked a little longer.
"I'm tired. Why don't you go home?" she said glacially. 
Felecia was all about romance.
Diedre knew Cecelia was a bit of a kleptomaniac... 
a pen here... a boyfriend there.

Oh God! Yes!! Yes!!! YES!!!!
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