Friday, July 8, 2011

Vintage Girls Gone Bad

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Vintage Girls Gone Real Bad!

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That's lesson ONE!
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Nurse Nancy knew Veeda only wanted to get 
into the stirrups and ride Doctor Dick's di..!
Picture via The Year 2050

Constance entered the church smiling.
It was the happiest day of her life.
She walked down the aisle as the music played.
She kissed her husband on the cheek...  
David Wright
...and closed the lid!
Picture via Mattadore
So what if she was a preacher's daughter? 
The money was good and the work was a helluva lot of fun. Sofonda Peters truly lived up to her name.
Picture via Vintage Gal
Glen Orbik
Now that the deed had been done, 
Millicent really wanted to do it again.
Picture via Cows in Art Class
Ben Hur Baz

Given the right incentive, I'm prepared 
to make this your lucky day too.
Picture via Mattadore
Carlotta had promised him a roll in the sack 
but all he got was rolled and whacked!
Picture via Vintage Gal
Do you think that dimwit boyfriend 
of yours has any idea about us?
Picture via Mattadore
Earl Cordery
Margot had to think fast. How could she explain Roddy?
Would Howie swallow something like 'he's a cousin of mine?'  
Picture via Mattadore

Enraged with Lydia, Chloe stormed into her secret room without bothering to light a candle. In the dark, she grabbed the wrong doll and pinned it mercilessly. 
The results were disastrous.
Picture via Mattadore

Myrtle was a conniving bitch!
Picture via Mattadore

'Rex is so damn shallow,' thought Thelma as she shopped at the street vendor's stall. 
'If he didn't have such a nice car, I'd dump him.'
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