Monday, July 4, 2011

The Silly Side of Star Trek - the original series

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A collection by Neal McKenna 

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Via Life in Flux
Guess where my other hand is!
Via Life in Flux
P.T. Barnum was right
Via  Cheezburger
Lt. Cmdr. Gary (fish-pout-fuck-eyes) Mitchel
Photo via Trek Review
Captain Kirk: nuthin' but tribble

Sulu decided it was time 
to bring some glam 
to the bridge.
Uhura honestly didn't know she 
was wasting her time.
Photo via Like a Whisper
britney, leave her alone
Photo via Future Tense
Photo via The Comedy Net

via m_nste_ r_bel_ion

Would this be called a trans-warp lip lock?
Star Trek
My gawd, Jimmy! You have the most gorgeous blue eyes!
Picture via Unreality
"Why, yes, Jim... it is new eye shadow. Do you like it?"
This is a little something for you, Sulu. I hope you enjoy it.
Photo via Soda Head
Star Trek: The Original Series: Season One
Get Down - Boogie-oogie-oogie
Photo via DVD Active 
Their costumes for the party were ill-advised.
Photo via Bob Canada
Photo via Echosphere  
Lu-lu-skip-to-ma-lu. Skip-to-ma-lu-ma-darlin'. 
Photo via Bob Canada

Photo via Chit & Chat
Spock likes vintage Buick Rivieras best.
Photo via Jeff Sipek 
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