Friday, July 15, 2011

More Skewed Retro Moments

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They were young. 
They were tough. 
They were in love. 
They were STUPID!

Their parents blamed it on Rock 'n' Roll - and justifiably so.
 Of course, fluoride in the water could also be a possibility.

Gretchen knew there was no percentage in an inter-species relationship with Zork but hot damn, he had a mind as well as a body!

He ain't heavy; he's my lover!
Irma knew what her best assets were, and flashing a bit of crotchless pantie would surely get one of those old farts to spring into action.
Picture Via Dark Roasted Blends
Pissing these kids off was a bad, bad idea!
Truth is, Skype was in development for an incredibly long time.
Well! The turkey flambé was ruined!
Picture Via Plan 59
No! And my mother told me never to converse 
with anthropomorphic cows.
Hortense could scarcely contain herself 
about attending Leticia's wedding.
Heavens to betsy, Imogene!   
I tell you that man is no good for you.
  Oh, by the way, Cherisse said demurely, I've found your tie.
Delia had to admit she possibly did have anger management issues.
Today and today only, women will find you irresistible. Make the most of it!
Oh gawd, Larry! It's my husband! 
Try to look nonchalant. 
Maybe he won't notice you.
Unhand me, you lout! I'll give you 27 minutes and 30 seconds to stop!
Picture Via This Blog Rules
Today was an especially rough day at the theme spa.
Five passengers set sail that day
Sadly, the Professor was only able 
to save Ginger and Mary-Ann.
This helpful big hand thing was really starting to creep Walter out!
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TV Panties… all of them granny-style. But, you can’t beat that breathable rayon or the price!
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