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Unsolved Mysteries ...Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

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Movie Poster: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

The movie poster is not that great.
But this tweet is awesome.
Nasa planet of the apes
Unsolved Mysteries of the World
There is no doubt some of the most popular lists are ones revolving around mystery and intrigue. Fortunately for us all, there is no end to the number of weird and wonderful mysteries in the world, so here is another list of unsolved mysteries. Now – onward to the world of the mysterious and spooky!
Ancient Mysteries

The Mystery of Easter Island

Speculation and theories surround the history of Easter Island, which leaves a sort of mystery about the island... Full story

Facts About the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Egypt’s Great Pyramid at Giza is the only ancient wonder that is still visible today... Full story

Mysterious Megalithic Structures

Stonehenge, great pyramid of Giza, Pyramid of the Sun, Easter Island Heads, Central America Pyramids: what do all of these have in common? They’re just a few of the mysterious megalithic structures that baffle us all... Full  story

Camelot — Did it Really Exist

The oldest known documents about King Arthur contain no information about Camelot. The place isn’t mentioned at all until the twelfth century, when a French poet named Chretien de Troyes mentioned it by name in one of his poems about Lancelot... Full story

Shroud Of Turin

Shroud of Turin is a cloth made of linen and bears an image of a man, who appears to be physically traumatized to death in a manner similar to crucifixion... Full story

Lost City of Atlantis

The idea that an ancient city or continent became lost to the sea forever is an intriguing concept for us all. There have been many tales of legendary lands coming and going throughout history. The most famous one of all, of course, is Atlantis... Full story

The Unexplained


Our Lady of Fatima and the Miracle of the Sun

The Miracle of the Sun is one of those events that was witnessed by as many as 100,000 people in 1917 on October 13th in Fatima, Portugal... Full story

Piri Rei map

Sometime around 1470 A.D., a boy was born who followed in the role of his uncle by becoming a man of the sea. His name was Piri Reis... Full story

Who Really Engraved Dighton Rock?

The tide receded in the Taunton River exposing a sandstone rock that has been speculated about for centuries... Full story

The disappearance at Eilean Mor Lighthouse

The Outer Hebrides island chain off the western coast of Scotland is one of the most remote locations in the world, bedrock formed of ancient metamorphic rock... Full story

The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment was a historical and alleged naval experiment conducted by the US military at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard that was located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... Full story

Huge Lake in Chile Disappears Overnight

In May 2007, a huge lake in Chile literally disappeared overnight. The only things left behind was a giant, 30 meter deep pit, icebergs, and dry soil!.. Full story

Mary Celeste – A Cursed Ship with a Disappearing Crew

One of the most famous ghost ships of all time is the Mary Celeste. This ship always seemed to have experienced bad luck, no matter where she went or who her passengers were... Full story

Hollow Earth - Is Agartha a Real City?

Many cultures around the world have myths and legends based on the idea that the Earth is hollow. From the ancient Greeks believing in the Underworld and some cultures even believing that hell itself really is a fiery place beneath the Earth’s surface... Full story

Unexplained History

It is true or not. Some unexplained disappearances in history make one think if there is indeed another dimension that people are swept into and are never to be seen from again... Full story

What is Buried in the Oak Island Treasure Pit?

We all love stories about pirates, buried treasures, and unexplained mysteries. But what do all three of these things have in common? The Oak Island Treasure Pit... Full story
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What lies beneath...
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