Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another look at the silly side of Star Trek

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Yes, Doctor, I know it's just a glue gun 
but the Terraliens don't know that.
My hypothesis, Captain, is it's kitty litter. 
...Used kitty litter.
"Look, Captain... 
I can write what you're saying 
with my eyes closed!"
Cool yer jets, boys. If the Cardassians are comin' over, 
we gotta clean up this place!
Of course not, Mr. Spock. 
What would make you think I'm hitting on you?

Demonstrating the powers of RGB

You know those things are just old-school metal flashlights with colored cells on them. Good job making it look ‘sciency’. The kid’s’ll never know the diff…
Kirk, Spock and a disposable blonde road test the effectiveness of flashlights with coloured 
lenses in repelling Romulans.
Privately, Spock was amused at the crew's efforts 
to get him to express emotion.
"Well, well, well, Doctor McCoy. Now I know why that Saurian Brandy bottle always smells like an outhouse."
From "Miri"
Only Star Trek would allow this much over acting.

From "This Side of Paradise"
Presumptuous plant life.

From "City on the Edge of Forever"
Aww, a happy reunion gets ruined 
by the tragedy of Joan Collins getting flattened 
by a beer truck, but still...
"From "The Apple"
Boom! Spock does not have a good episode here. 
Major hurt, very little comfort.

From "The Gamesters of Triskellion"
Spock's 'bitch, please' face. 
Plus Scotty's 'there they go again' face.
From "The Trouble with Tribbles"
Spock, the Doc and Scotty show their 
nothing to do with me' faces.
From "By Any Other Name"
Scotty/Scotch = totally OTP!
From "The Tholian Web"
Is this, or is this not heavy eye sex?
From "The Voyage Home"
I actually sometimes do this to my computer
From "The Voyage Home"
Poor Chekov. I love that they sent the Russian 
to find the nuclear "wessels" in 1986!
From "The Voyage Home"
The flirting - OMG - the flirting!
That is DEFINITELY a flirty look!
From the outtakes bin... 
Yeah, you go for it Baby! 
Given the chance in 1966, I'd have done it too.
Yes, well... I...just...yeah.
Via Rofl Razzi
Via Rofl Razzi
Jeez! There's gotta be a way to make 
this look like an accident.
matt leblanc
An early instance of Borg infestation.

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