Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where the Action Is

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Betty and Bart looked nothing like serial killers.
Picture Via Dark Roasted Blend
Beth and the other girls really had 
learned a lot in charm school.
Now this next step is a little tricky but 
just let the music take you with it.
Sydney was obviously a little slow on the up-take.
Bewildered, Bertrand concluded this must the YWCA. 
It certainly couldn't be the YMCA! 
Picture Via X-Ray Delta One's Photo Stream

Hmmm, thought Francis. 
Looks like Madeleine may be in the mood.
Yes, it was a murder but not a crime.
Gertrude was a lousy singer. 
You see, doctor, I have this recurring erotic dream about a gorgeous blonde. She takes off her glasses and unpins her hair. Then she slowly unbuttons her blouse...
"...I so admire Delores Hart," Shelia sighed dreamily. "She's my favorite actress. Did you see her in "Where the Boys Are?" That's why I am sailing to Rome. I'm going to join a convent."
'Well, shit,' thought Gary.
Arva noticed him right away. "Who," she said to herself ,
"is that man in the ghastly shirt?" 
Fezwik, I have but one question... 
What happened to your pants?
Zeeta was obviously deluding herself. 
It was quite evident Daniel was not at all interested. 
Otherwise, he would have removed his shirt.

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