Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rich girls can go bad too...

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Ben Hur Baz
Je cherche un millionaire, avec un grand Cadillac car, mink coat, des bijoux et une petite yacht. 
Ya get what I mean, don't cha?  
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Now, on the upper side of the crust...
Lawton so enjoyed the drama 
of two dames dueling for his affections...
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But Myrna already'd had enough of it. 
She knew Lawton and Dagmar would get a big bang out of her latest centre piece design. 
Picture via Mattadore
Coincidentally, Dagmar also had a special surprise for Myrna
Picture via Mattadore
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Meanwhile at the Estate Next Door...
J.C. Leyendecker
Maxim was completely oblivious to the drama 
unfolding right under his nose.
Picture via Mattadore
And, Chantelle was too 'happee' to notice the skullduggery afoot. "Des bijoux sont a girl's best friend, n'est pas?" she giggles. "Maxim eeez such a generous 'usband!"
Picture via Mattadore
But the plot is thickening. Felicity has grown tired 
of this Jane Eyre routine. Maxim would be hers, no matter what! A special coffee for Chantelle, coming up!
Picture via Mattadore
Bill Randall, 1952
Meanwhile, Lola patiently waits for Maxim's call.
Picture via Mattadore
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And now, here's something quite practical...

Sweet Baby Jane
Jane Russell led the list of the most underrated beauties of the screen. Maybe it was having a big bust but being a brunette, you got the feeling Jane was real people. She kept a sense of humor about all that was made of her bust size, never bought her own publicity and surprised everyone by turning into an important good samaritan. She adopted 3 children and went on to found World Adoption International Fund (WAIF), an organization that pioneered adoptions from foreign countries by Americans. Still, we love to remember these taglines used in her movie posters and publicity: 
"How'd you like to tussle with Russell?" - The Outlaw - 1943 
"Jane Russell and Frank Sinatra...What a pair!" - Double Dynamite - 1951 
"They were two of a kind!" - His Kind of Woman - 1951 
"Warm Lips...Hot Lead!" - Montana Belle - 1952 
"The Two M-M-Marvels of our Age in the Wonder Musical of the World!" - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - 1953 
"Jane Russell in 3-D. It'll Knock both your eyes out!" - The French Line - 1954 
"Skin Diver Action...Aqua-lung Thrills!" - Underwater! - 1955 
"They Don't come any BIGGER" - The Tall Men - 1955
"Jane's Got Jeff! The Story of an Impatient Love!" - Foxfire - 1955
"See 'Em Sizzle in the Big, Buxom, Beautiful Musical!" - Gentlemen Marry Brunettes - 1955 "
Jane Russell shakes her tambourines and drives Cornel Wilde!" - Hot Blood - 1956 
"The hottest bundle ever hijacked!" The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown - 1957

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It's Bonnie & Clyde's 1st birthday and Shadow is jealous!
Nothing lies beneath...
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