Thursday, August 18, 2011

The word of God ...or something like it.

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Except that one where you're naked in church.

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What lies beneath...
Has anyone else seen this?
I really can't tell if this is a joke or not.
The Landover Baptist Church
Anyway, they have a hate on for Doris Day of all people!
Here's an example from their forum submitted by "Mistress Cookie," Petite Pearl of Baptist womanhood and "Bobby-Joe,"Asset Loss Prevention & Personal Security Expert. NOT angry and positively NOT gay.
Mistress Cookie's Avatar...Is it just me or does Mistress Cookie look like a drag queen? 

When it became apparent to her that she could not boss and dominate normal American men (who refused to just roll over at a snap of her fingers), Doris Day turned first to the attention of homogays, such as Rock Hudson, then to a vast number of prisoner-pets.
In response Bobby-Joe said: That scantaly clad harlot, with her sultry "always open for business" expression probably did more to set up the so called "Sexual revolution" that turned the states of California, New York and Massachusetts over to the none stop gay sex orgies they are now! 
Just look at her film titles"Young man with a horn", "Tea for Two", "The Pajama Game"; with so many gay code words this Playboy shoved into the theaters of every small town in America. 
For the love of Jesus, she had a movie titled "Where were you when the lights went out?"! She could have just as well titled it "Two and half hours of a blonde with a mattress strapped to her back." No wonder that they are so many gays after America has had to wrestle with her sweaty thighs wrapped arround this countries head. 
Well looks like Jesus is about to have the last laugh with Doris Day. The woman is a Catholic, enough said. 

Image Via Landover Baptist Church

Praise the Lawd an' pass the ammunition!
The Landover Baptist Church
is a parody site.
I am truly relieved!

He was in my trunk of my car
when I got back from Tijuana.


  1. Who in God's creation would think Doris Day could be the scourge of the Earth? Religious nuts must REALLY be nuts!

  2. I found the alleged Landover Baptist Church site
    while attempting to determine whether Doris Day is still alive. Is there no law in America to defend Miss Day and Baptists from this character assassination done in the name of a parody?
    If I were a Baptist, I would squeal. I'm squealing now and I'm only a Catholic !

  3. Hi! Thanks for your comment. Actually, I thought this parody was quite a hoot. I suspect Clara Kappelhoff a/k/a Doris Day would too. And yes, the lady in question is still with us, still living in Carmel, California and even released an album of new songs last year.