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Postcard delivered after 94 years

The last post! First World War soldier's card home 
is finally delivered... 94 years late.
A First World War postcard has finally been delivered - a staggering 94 years after it was sent. Soldier Alfred Arthur, 19, sent the card to his sister Ellen, known as Nell, in January 1916 at the height of the Great War.
Tragically the hero was killed in the brutal fighting which killed millions from all sides in the blood-soaked trenches on the Western Front in France.
Alfred's card poignantly ended up with Lauren Bleach, 61, and her partner Jill Liversidge more than nine decades on.
They decided to find out where it had come from after it arrived at their home in Lakenham, Norwich.
Mrs Bleach said: 'When we read it we were so emotionally taken because it's from a soldier who was obviously at a training camp waiting to go away to his sister.
'He lived in this street presumably all that time ago and it's only just arrived.
'The postcard is dated 1916 and bears a cartoon picture of a newly-recruited soldier on the front.
Thoughtful Alfred has written to his beloved sister: 'Dear Nell, Just a postcard to let you know I have not forgotten you. 'On the other side you will see our orders for next week. I will need your pity. Drop me a line, your brother Alfred.'
The front of the card, referred to in Alfred's note, displays a poster which says 'Orders of the day: Eight hours drill, eight hours route march, eight hours trenching' and the recruit saying 'And then we have the rest of the day to ourselves!'
Alfred was born in Lakenham and went to school nearby a century ago.One of his descendants is his great-nephew Brian Buxton, 68, of Salhouse, Norfolk.

Holy inappropriate! 

Vicar shocked as public lavatory starts talking to him... in a woman's voice

Last updated at 3:45 AM on 14th August 2011

You're having a lav: resident Charlie Taylor says the vicar should 'get a life'
You're having a lav: resident Charlie Taylor says the vicar should 'get a life.'
A vicar who popped into a public lavatory was so shocked by the recorded message of a female voice saying ‘welcome’ he has complained to the town council that he thought a woman had followed him in.
Now residents in Church Stretton, Shropshire, are being asked for their views on the female voice at the refurbished unisex facilities.
The debate will lift the lid on a topic that has become a long-standing joke among residents.
Next month the council will decide whether to retain the voice, change it to a man’s voice or silence it.
In his letter to the council the unnamed clergyman said: ‘I was not thrilled to bits with canned music on entry (why have it?). And I was knocked sideways when my belt was undone to hear a female voice say: “WELCOME”.
Startled, I looked around to see where she was hiding and had to check that I had not inadvertently  wandered into a different sort of establishment where women happily greet men who lower their trousers.’
Once inside each of the two lavatories next to an adjoining male  urinal, the automated voice warns: ‘The time for the use of this facility  is limited. You will be advised when  to leave.’
But even after 15 minutes, when visitors might reasonably expect a timed automated request to leave, the music, including Charlie Pride’s When We Get Behind Closed Doors, Walking After Midnight by Patsy Kline and the Fats Domino hit, Blueberry Hill, keeps on playing. And the graffiti-resistant, seat-less, stainless-steel loos flush automatically once the door is unlocked.
Church Stretton council clerk Christine Harvey said the voice would be simple to turn off but some felt it deterred people from taking too long. ‘Others have said it would be helpful if the voice told them how long they had left,’ she added.                                                    Via The Daily Mail UK

Image Via Dead Doodles
'Swamp monster' threatens completion of Auckland New Zealand rail project
From:AAP July 25, 2011 1:48PM
A MYTHICAL swamp monster "hiding" under Auckland is threatening to derail a project to improve the New Zealand city's traffic gridlock.
The North Island city is trying to move ahead with a multi-billion railway tunnel project to improve the minimal train network and free up its car-filled streets.
But Horotiu, a mythical monster, put the NZ$2.6 billion ($2.1 billion) project in doubt after an indigenous Maori board protested that it will destroy grounds once patrolled by the make-believe taniwha, pronounced tani-fa.
Glenn Wilcox, a member of the Maori Statutory Board, which protects Maori interests, complained that the plan did not take into account the monster, which "was here first".
The taniwha is a mythical protector with a powerful role in Maori folklore, but get it angry and you're in trouble, Mr Wilcox said.
"As kaitiaki, or guardians, they protect people, but they also get up and bite you if they do not like what you are doing," he said.
The local council has since convinced the board that the correct consultation had taken place, putting the popular project back on the table.
The board accepted its needs had been met but not before it was invoiced thousands of dollars for public relations advice relating to the monster.
Surprisingly, its not the first time a taniwha has threatened to up-end a council project.
In 2002, construction of a stretch of road between Auckland and Hamilton was halted after protesters complained that it was cutting through the domain of a revered one-eye taniwha.
The taniwha was thought to be responsible for a number of deaths on the stretch of road.
Ranginui Walker, a respected Maori elder, said at the time: "You have to placate local demons, deities, taniwha. Don't tempt fate."

Is there something else beyond this life?

 What lies beyond the grave?

Most people know of at least one ghost story that's been told as being true within their family. Many of us even remember living near a haunted house when we were young. As children we tend to believe these ghost stories are real, but by the time we grow up we often consider ghosts to be as mythical as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Great Pumpkin.
Humans have always been both fascinated and fearful of the unknown. During ancient times, when people encountered the inexplicable, they often called it the 'paranormal' and then shared their chilling stories with others.
At True Ghost Tales, we delve into the supernatural with visitor submitted true ghost stories, ghost pictures, haunting articles, EVPs, poltergeists, werewolves and more paranormal topics. We have a lot of resources for ghost hunters and everyone interested in the paranormal world. The blog is updated every day with new ghost stuff. We also have an archived section of ghost stories and for those of you who like to interact with others who are into the paranormal we have a forum.
However, we may explain the supernatural world, nothing prevents us from being intensely interested in
real true ghost stories, haunted houses, and the realm of the supernatural.
n different stories, ghosts have been described as being benevolent, benign, or malevolent. A benevolent ghost seems to want to help or protect in some way while a malevolent spirit will seek to inflict harm. Benign ghosts are usually indifferent to, or unaware of, the living.

Types of Hauntings

Residual Haunting

The most prevalent type of haunting, by far, is referred to as a residual haunting. In this type of haunting the ghostly energy goes through a cycle of actions over and over again. It's like a video clip that repeats itself in a loop. Oftentimes this plays out at a specific time as though it were following a schedule. Most commonly the scene played out will be that of a tragic event, such as a death. This type of haunting is more like a psychic impression of energy than an actual haunting by a presence or entity. Many true stories seem to describe this type of occurrence.

Intelligent Haunting

The second classification of haunting is known as the Classic or Intelligent Haunting. In an Intelligent Haunting the spirit, or ghost, demonstrates an intelligence and an awareness of its surroundings. These ghosts have been known to communicate with humans and to interact with their environment. In this type of haunting it is common for objects to be moved. There have been reports of ghosts making noises, such as rapping or banging on walls, slamming doors, or making footsteps. Ghosts have been known to move things around, or even to hide objects. They may even turn light switches on and off. This type of ghost will often manifest the personality of someone who has died. Smells and odors that were commonly present with the person when they were still living, such as tobacco, perfume, or flowers, often occur in these hauntings.

 Paranormal Investigation Techniques & Equipment 

More and more people are wanting to do their own paranormal investigating. The popularity of shows such as "Ghost Hunters" has everyone wanting to find their own proof of the paranormal. If one is seriously wanting to investigate a haunting, there are several things that are important to know... and many misconceptions that need to be clarified.
There are many aspects to paranormal investigating - client interviews, walk-through of the property, understanding the equipment that is being used ( Paranormal Investigation Techniques and Equipment ) and what naturally causes certain anomalies or sounds to show up, and hours of reviewing any video or audio data for every hour of investigation time, just to name a few.

Via True Ghost Tales

Victor Burgos, Fugitive Stalker, Taunts Police to Catch Him... So They Do

By Pete Kotz
Thursday, July 28, 2011, at 12:59 pm

You could say Victor Burgos is a blithering moron, but that's really being much too kind. He was wanted on a warrant in Utica, New York for domestic violence and harassing a former girlfriend, crimes usually reserved for geniuses and illicit masterminds. Or so we've heard...
So Burgos fled to Brooklyn. And since there isn't a whole lot of major crime happening in Utica, police put him on their 10 most wanted list.
This apparently tickled Burgos, who seems to fancy himself as a romantic desperado of cunning and wit. The aspiring rap promoter no doubt thought woman beating charges would add to his ever-so-dangerous street cred. So he went on his Facebook page to taunt the cops, telling them he was in Brooklyn and even posting of photo of himself walking into a police precinct.
Unfortunately, in a match of wits between Burgos and police, Burgos was bound to get his ever-loving ass kicked.
When U.S. Marshals and New York City detectives raided his apartment, they found the moron at his computer playing on his Facebook page. Via True Crime Report
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What lies beneath...
Yup... Understood every word of that.
really creeps me out!
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